UK TV help

Hi We live in Pas de Calais - have set upur satellite dish to get UK TVon our tv- dish is in correct place but how di we ‘tune in’ our tv now please. all the info is on what satellite dish to buy etc but thats not our current problem> Many thanks

Assuming you have the dish aligned to 28.2°E (the Astra 2E/F/G cluster) it should just be a question of connecting the downlink lead to your satellite decoder and hitting autotune.

Preferably a Freesat decoder BTW.

Assuming that you have a reasonably modern TV- flat screen, just use an HDMI lead between the TV and satellite box, select the right input from the TV remote. No tuning necessary

Some TVs have satellite decoders built in (ours does). If you have a screw in aerial plug on back of TV go through your TVs menu to set it up. If you TV does not buy a satellite decoder box.