Uk tv

Interested?........Access any website abroad, such as YTV Player with


Google Unlocator and see their website. Uses DNS to hide location for media only such as Netflix, iPlayer.


iPad. FilmOn app gives UK TV but it seems to freeze from time to time which is irritating. This on free version. There is a subscription version for HD and recording facility.

iPad… F.Media app also UK TV… free. Just trying it out.

We have recently solved our problem and it works like magic. As we are house sitting we don't always find a house with British TV (my wife is English and loves her programs, I am French, not a TV fan but work online). In the past we were moving around with our camping TV dish, which worked well although it was sometimes a fiddle to find the perfect position and settings. This became useless in our area since the BBC changed their satellite signal. We then discovered UK TV France:

You can buy or rent the little decoder which could fit in your pocket, then connect one side to the TV and the other side to the Internet connection (Livebox for Orange, or whatever it is called for other carriers). Then you have a choice a few packages to subscribe to, we have the basic @ €10 a month, which we can suspend at anytime and re-activate at anytime. We can also take it with us abroad, as we are often house sitting in Australia, we know already that it works well there.

The only draw back is that the ¨Livebox¨ and the TV must be relatively close by, or you must have a longer Internet cable to be able to connect each other. It is possible to set the system WiFi but we were told by the rep that we would lose in quality, but they are working on that to improve this.

The system even has 7 - 14 day catch-up on selected channels and depending on the package.

Hope this helps.



Who do you think you are, Dick Emery? are awful! ....and from someone who hasn't even got a profile!

I have been using it (its actually an add-on to Chrome in my case) for over a year. 6 months in France and now 6 months in OZ and think its brilliant. Doesn't always work but the vast majority of the time it does, including for BBC

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No adverts, it’s an add on for google. Just makes your PC appear to be in UK, and it’s free but doesn’t work on iPad

What is YTV player?