Ultimate macmillan coffee morning uk

Saturday 21st September, 2019
TIME . 11.00a.m.
VENUE: LE CABRI RESORT…///.Route to Savignac,…47120 Duras
Having a Coffee Morning is the perfect chance to catch up or meet some new friends… over a cuppa and a slice of something delicious for a great cause.
LADIES & GENTLEMAN please start cooking and make some fabulous cakes for THE ULTIMATE MACMILLAN COFFEE MORNING.

Those of you who would like to take part in either helping or cooking please contact me … Laraine 0556616856. Thank you so much


Good luck with this venture… very worthy cause. Family members have been greatly helped by the Macmillan Nurses.

Such a good organisation, really helped family members. I din’t know it existed in France too? Is it still called Macmillan? The one I support here is the Ligue Contre Le Cancer.

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Hi Jane, Thank you for yourcomment, I work with the Macmillan Cancer in the UK. Please contact me if you wish to support us by helping or making some cakes. Thank you in advance.

Last week in UK Macmillan volunteers were at every supermarket, or so it seemed.

I gave a bit here and there and finally I emptied my purse of all UK coinage at our last shop. The volunteer was amazed to see what tumbled into her collecting tin - mind you, so was I. But, all in a good cause !!!

Yes, Macmillan is a very good cause in the UK. Don’t take this the wrong way but I am rather bemused why you are having a coffee morning for it here in France. Why should French people want to support a UK cancer charity when there are equivalents here in France? Or is this solely for UK immigrants? Which is even more baffling…


I hosted the same event 2 years ago and it was very successful. The French normally dont do coffee mornings, but saying that my last Mamcmillan Coffee morning there were quite a few Franch that came with their English neighbours and I am registered with the UK Cancer Charity, because i have lost 2 relatives with cancer in the UK. This is the reason.

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