Unbelievable. Doublespeak at it best

“Johnson acknowledged that measured on cases, hospitalisations and deaths, the situation is worse than in 2020; but insisted high vaccination rates meant the country was “incomparably better placed” to weather the winter ahead than it was last year.”

Why is it that the situation in the UK seems much worse than France?
Vaccination rate is comparable, as is population.
UK averaging around 30,000 cases a day and not improving
France 10000 cases a day and improving
Hospitalisations are comparable

I thought a month or so ago it may be France lagging a few weeks behind the UK, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.
Could it be that the pass sanitaire is a factor?

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Bizarre, isn’t it? I hope Johnson isn’t storing up a disaster for the winter.

Don’t forget that the vaccination figures for France are for 12 years and up.

Hope in vain.
All those young people in night clubs and football fans close together, a recipe for disaster.


Well, in the UK there are the schools, and then the families of these children - all potentially infected. This alone is a recipe for disaster.
… 2,300 kids under 18 hospitalized with COVID-19 in the past two months, and 40-50 hospitalizations in that group per day. Meanwhile, there are an estimated 34,000 children living with long COVID in the U.K. One in 50 primary school children and one in 40 secondary school children currently have prevalent infection.

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Posibly, I think more the fact that they don’t have to wear masks anymore FFS!!! Reports from family are scary, even in A and E last week my sister reported hardly anyone wearing a mask. Just beggars belief for me!


So grandparents still can’t see families if they have children at school. Or if the families see families that see families with children at school.

Remember the infection rate is still 10% of the infected being double vaccinated. That figure looks like rising with age and waning provision of immunity from vaccines still being worked out currently estimated at 4-6 months.

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Mask wearing is the difference I think?

Wider use of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK probably also a factor - remember this was shown to be much less effective in the clinical trials - and notably the UK is not using it for the planned ‘booster’ jabs.

I have just heard that the Lib Dems are against a Pass Sanitaire in UK.
Not good news.