Under new ownership!

I did send this message to all group members but it seems like some people may not have got it - so here it is again...

Dear All
As some of you may know Sandra has been a bit quiet on SFN lately as she is very busy with other projects and as a result, has asked me to find someone to take over. Sandra has done a fantastic job in starting and running this group and we are very appreciative of all her hard work to date - thank you Sandra!
I'm delighted to let you know that Tracy Thurling has agreed to take on the role. Tracy is running a successful business in France (yes they do exist!, has been an SFN member since our very early days and is always ready with helpful, sensible advice and is generally an all round 'good egg'!! So please join me in saying a big 'thank you' to Sandra and a big 'hello' to Tracy!
Catharine x