Unemployed teenager

My daughter left lycée last year with a Bac (L), but decided not to go on to university, instead she hoped to find work in the hotel/restaurant business, or tourism. She registered with the Pôle Emploi, but as we live in a quiet rural setting, there wasn’t anything around here, so off she went to live in an apartment in Bordeaux and is currently applying for advertised vacancies, but so far without success.

Now for the moment, I am financially maintaining her, but this can’t go on as my income is insufficient for this to be a long-term arrangement. Because she has never worked, she is not entitled to chomage, so consequently has no income herself.

I wonder if any other parents who have been in a similar situation could advise me what, if any financial support she could claim. She has just turned 20, so is established as an adult in law.

I can't help with legal advice, but as someone in the hotel management sector, I can tell you that she might be able to boosty her career by doing seasons. Getting jobs nourri/logé, where she is not depending on you for anything, and also building her CV. Summer season in the south, or on a lake, and winter season perhaps in a ski resort. That's my plan, and has been my plan for the last 5 years. Lake Annecy in summer, and La Clusaz in winter. Maybe she should go on a recon mission to either a lake, or beach area, and just hand out CVs till she drops. It worked for me when I couldn't even speak French, back in the day.

Martin I have some suggestions.

There are 2 restaurants in Pessac sur Dordogne moments from the village.

One is by the side of the campsite. Now the owner is getting very busy in summer

and I am sure that it would be worth trying for a job there.

By the river every summer is a pop up restaurant run by a young man and he is always

too busy to manage.

She could get in touch with Chateau Rigaud and as if there could be a vacancy for a

trainee with house parties and weddings.

Or she could try La Poudette at Pujols to see if Sophie would train her as a

waitress...it is 15 mins from Pessac.

If she spent a summer in the catering field she would be able to see if it was appealing.

All these places are small and friendly which really helps.

If you need any help get in touch.

You're right about the reality check aspect of it! The most realistic pupils that age I've had (about work) seem to be my former Bac Pro hôtellerie & restauration students who were treated appallingly sometimes on their stages (stay until 2 am cleaning the tiles under the cooker with eau de javel on a toothbrush, then back to prep at 7, anyone? Or victims of sleazy-boss syndrome, ugh - they refused to complain) They have all gone on to BTS & in some cases Licence Pro because they don't want to do that for ever - once qualified the world will rightly be their oyster.

That's possible, but she would need the BAFA to work with children and young people in France. It's a good thing to have and this young lady may be entitled to some help: http://bafa.ufcv.fr/BAFA/LeBAFAcestquoi.aspx

Both of my big children took gap years after bac...accidently...they both did a summer season in the alps, my son as a handy man thingy and my daughter as a cleaner. I think it was easier for them to get work there as everyone wants to work on the cote d'azure or by the beach. It was fine and they qualified for chomage afterwards however it was also enough of a reality check to convince them to continue their studies, so both went to uni after. They worked for pierre and vacances if that helps

Suggests that she ges on with applying to holiday camps, especially those run by english companies, our son at uni in the UK is going to be working all summer as a camp rep in this capacity. Tourist venuse like the puy du fou have had their temp summer job openings running for a while now, getting a job here involves being super proactive, sorry to be blunt but laybe being supported in her own flat is a bit too comfy, she needs to go were the work is or go to uni. Has she thought about aupairing and maybe going to the US or further afield, her language would be an advantage then

Thanks for the advice Véronique. I will try that tack on my non motivated son.

There is also an association called Teli (not sure about the spelling) who have leads for foreign opportunities for young people. The Pole Emploi can give her info about opportunities for 16 - 26 year olds who are looking for a job or training.


this might be a good way to get experience & references, whilst deciding what to do and awaiting possible study at university somewhere....


It's a well established organisation, offering all sorts of work experience (cultivating plants biologically & all sorts of eco-restoration projects as well as opportunities in the catering trade etc. all over the world, so she could start of in France, Europe and then explore the world during the vacs also).......

When I get fitter, i intend to try them out..

Hope this helps....

Oui. Surtout dans le Sud...

Good for her, she has a BTS though, not a Bac….

My daughter finished her BTS in Commerce international 3 years ago, she took herself off to Brussels where she easily found work in one of the top hotels there as her english and french are impeccable. She's now moved to Laos doing the same for the next 2 years.

She really enjoyed Brussels though and it isn't that far away, lovely city.

I love Bordeaux Veronique! I go very frequently and i know it is very studenty and beautiful and branché, but I just have my 20 year "want to travel and be in the sun" brain inserted today and Bordeaux is just not what I am searching for ;-)

c'est bien Andrew! :)

As I said Veronique, I am a bit reckless and maybe some 20 year old friends are too :) but the alternative to being a bit risky and to not trying to make a go of it is just too boring for me to contemplate. I agree with you it is not for everyone :) Perhaps we should ask for these comments to be deleted so that no one follows my crazy idea? LOL ;-)

si on ne peut pas se faire pistonner, on est mort...! ;-)