Unemployment Benefit for under 25s

Our eldest has just completed his fourth year at Uni (french) and is completing his stage for said year at the end of the week. He has not been accepted for his final year so now he has the hard lessons of life to learn!

We sent him out this morning to sign up at Pôle Emploi (now only possible on line), and to find out about chomage and other benefits he might be entitled to but he came back with nothing.

He also signed up with some of the Intérims for temporary jobs.

Does anyone know what he might be entitled to, how he might get it and any other tips on getting a job in France after uni (along with the hundreds of others in his situation). We have lived and worked here for nearly 10 years so have been paying into the system though have not become french citizens.

you need to have worked at least 6 months continuously. I had a 5 month, 3 week CDD teaching contract but didn't qualify for benefits at the end of it as I needed a week more to meet the 6 month minimum :-(

But that was 9 years ago so things may have changed since!

Andrew, does it help that he has worked part time in a fast food restaurant whilst a student and did a two month Holiday job each year he was studying? Effctively paying into the system albeit for short periods of time.

France is way off being fair, I'm no expert but I don't think he qualifies for anything - you can't claim until you've worked and contributed to the system. Worse still for all those of us running businesses here/indépendants - if we go bust we can't claim anything either even after contributing for years and being french (my OH).