Just heard on the local radio that unemployment here in the Dordogne has reached 15%. How are other departments doing?

11.4% in the Hautes Pyrenées and as the season has just come to an end, that figure is set to increase by another 3% over winter...

That's terrible!!

Could the NZ embassy give you some advice/useful contacts?

I live in 65 and Lourdes has just had the worst season in memory. As Lourdes is the second most visited city in France after Paris, this is having a huge knock-on effect of which we haven't seen the end yet...

Thanks Heather

Unfortunately my visa is tied to my current employer- that gives me the right to be in France. I'm taking steps to protect myself but they are dangerous steps. Still it's for my survival in this world because I have no way of surviving in NZ now. Don't even have money for a flight back. Can't look for work anywhere else in France or Europe as not an EU citizen. You could say I'm screwed but I'm hoping something better could come of this alarming state of affairs.

all the best frances, i know how it feels.... are you looking elsewhere?

One of our French friends who is a secretary has lost her job.
Houses are selling in the Clunysois and are being renovated.
I think it is in certain sectors, depending on where you live, just as in UK.

Whatever it is, I'm hanging on by my teeth, my job is under threat my boss told me this week. The vultures are circling.

Here private building activities have fallen with 30 to sometimes 60% in some communes over the ongoing year, so that doesn't surprise me at all. The system of apprenticeship seems also to be slowly grinding to a halt....

The only big project going one is the new TGV line Poitiers-Bordeaux, but that will only partly be executed by local enterprises. Portugese and Spanish appear to be the language mostly spoken on site.

That is something I suspect we can rely on...

Don't know, it's the last one provided by my buddy at Pole-Emploi, he's got access to data we simple mortals don't get to see :-) If it's not the one of september, then it will only be worse than that

My best mucker is the production manager at the roof tile factory in Limoux. They had to impose a 5 week holiday during the summer and when the lads were back to work it was maintenance and cleaning up duties. Heard it’s the same, if not worse, at the sister factory in Roumazières (Charente).

And Ben, I imagine that is the figure for the last quartile so look out for the new ones released yesterday which was my starting point here.

In this part of the socialist utopia called Poitou-Charente its 11.5%. There’s actually only one industrial employer of consequence (Leroy-Somer), a impressive amount of empty m2 of shopping malls, layer upon layer of “fonctionnaires territorials” and councils, a suffering tourists industry and a factory that produces the Mya electrical car but finds itself on “chomage technique” for 1/3 of their working time. What worries me most though is the group of young and older persons that don’t have jobs and will not find one for years to come, unemployment amongst these categories can rise up to 30+ percent.

I live close to dinan area 22,i found a job in mcdonalds,first job i went for and my french is rubbish ,my partner found job after on week of looking and my oldest two children have found work easy to come by ,so if we can find work jobs are out there if people want them joanne on partners email

its not good in haute normandie dont know the figures but i cant find anything

Herault is nudging up slightly year on year. It is a worrying upward trend.

Just had a dig, INSEE has not compiled all departments yet. No doubt it will be a few weeks away. However, the leap from 11% last quarter to 15% now is quite alarming. That is a well over 30% increase and here things are not as dire as some other departments.


Half year figures here Brian. If you dig around on insee the last trimester will be found no doubt.