(neil whitehead) #1

Switch off the autofocus!

(neil whitehead) #2

early autumn morning

(neil whitehead) #3

just teasing

(neil whitehead) #4

This how I mostly see the world without me specs on! This was taken at the chateau du Pau classic car racing weekend.

(neil whitehead) #5

(Stuart Wilson) #6

Couldn’t think of what to put in here. But quite like the softness of this wild Orchid.

(neil whitehead) #7

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(neil whitehead) #11

My thought on setting this up was how much information does the brain require to make a coherent picture … and shots where you forget to switch back to autofocus! So either by mistake or deliberately, what interesting photos may result?

(john hope-falkner) #12

Never thought this shot would get an airing.
Not so much ‘out of focus’ more like multiple cause camera shake .Effect achieved using small digital hand held Fuji pressed against train window, the camera’s owner being still stunned by a 6am departure after week long weapons’ quality hospitality in Port Vendres.
It is probably somewhere between Toulouse and Limoges though like the photo, most of that day was a blur.

(john hope-falkner) #13

Top pic works (rather well), second is OK, last two… well, they are just …out of focus.

(neil whitehead) #14

Sorry Ron, but shot no. 2 is not unfocused enough! I resize to 900 pixels wide at 72 dpi.


(neil whitehead) #15

Sitting on the beach snapping away and they came out like that. Shooting in the suns’ direction may have overcome the sensor so no playing about in PS.

(Linda Shepherd) #16

I love the first shot! Did you shoot monochrome or alter them later? Either way the effect is magnificent. Personally I prefer the black and white images, as they are so striking. Looks like a technique worth trying when shooting against the light too. For me the combination of reflection and silhouette in both your shots and Ron’s shot are magic.

(Ron Fox) #17

I think I prefer your other half. I will work on the resizing, thanks.

(Ron Fox) #18

my offering to unfocused.