Universities in France?

What do you think about having your children go to University in France, once they did their GCSE and A-levels in UK ?

Depends if they are fluent in French ?
My son did French university but has been in France since he was 2.
I met some expats last week who were moaning about the huge student loan their children have because although resident in France they sent them to uk uni.

Don’t be like that Remi, it’s not the UK’s fault that they have better uni’s than France.:wink:

Just like in UK some have better standards than others. SciencesPo have a pretty good reputation, as do some other slightly specialist areas. Depends what they are interested in studying and whether it need to be recognised qualification for future career.

Yes, they are. There’s a great diversity of higher education in France, Belgium and Switzerland, all with reasonable fees. On top of universities, there are IUT, BTS, dozen of engineering schools with which you can find a job anywhere in EU. What do you think of going there with A-levels and a reasonable fluency in French ?

In which University was he ?

What I do not know also, is the exact compatibility of British and EU/Switzerland diplomas. Everyone thinks about the most famous schools: Lausanne, Cambridge, etc… but what about the more “common” degrees, for example at level: Baccalaureat + two years ?

Remy everyones circumstances are different often that influences are decisions. Im retirement age , divorced and alex is only 22. We couldnt afford fancy higher education that you pay for so the FAC at Toulouse was a fair choice .
As for your young peoples level of French and is it a good option well it depends how they feel about it .

All four of our kids went to uni here, going back to the UK to study didn’t interest any of them as they saw their future lives in France. We advised them to consider what they wanted as a career and go from there which is what we would have said if we had still been in the UK.

Good choice for Toulouse, because of the airplane industry (Airbus, Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile, Dassault, EADS etc…).

University diplomas in Europe are all compatible apparently, due to the Bologna Process: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bologna_Process , so it seems possible to start studying somewhere and go on somewhere else . Nothing to do with EU, so it should not change with or without Brexit.

The difficulty is to chose which way UK/FR/CH/BE after the A-level / Baccalauréat.

This site might be useful too…