University in Scotland, living in France

Hi, subject to his bac results our son will be off to Stirling in September. We are starting down the fees root at the moment, he is confirmed as an EU resident, and so his tuition fees are the same as Scottish students, but from the info we have seen so far, the only loan open to him will just about cover his tuition fees, no more. We were hoping that it would also cover at least part of his accomodation…anyone already have a child at uni who has gone though this and may be able to point us in the right direction? Many thanks.

Having looked at this question for my own daughter, I found that there were only bursaries or scholarship awards on a case by case basis via the university itself - in the end, this was a showstopper for me.

It is one of the appalling things about the situation in the UK, there are now no longer grants for living costs. Whilst Scotland has nothing like the English fees, the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) will tell you what you can get. have an online version of an 80 page booklet on grants. My OH and I were teaching in Wales before we moved here and even then saw our students struggling. They sometimes found part-time work but the pressure of studying and working is inhumane. If I knew of anything at all I would throw it in but as far as accommodation goes I have no idea whatsoever. I shall try an ex-student of mine, Prof Sam Punch, she is in sociology, if she knows of anything. I know they had an ambitious building scheme of their own but even then student digs on campus are never exactly cheap.

I wish him luck anyway, it is a good university so keep looking and do not despair.

Why not studying in France if he has a Baccalaureat ?

This site gives a lot of information -