University Vacataires


Am just about to start a 3 month vacataire post , correcting students' work online for a university, but I'm a bit concerned that they haven't asked me to sign a contract - is this normal practise?

Also what would you consider a reasonable going rate for this type of work?

Thanks for your input

Ok - thanks for the warning! ( No, I'm not an AE.)

Hi Angela

MOH worked at a uni in Brittany a couple of years ago and had a lot of problems getting paid (he got it eventually) but french colleagues who had also worked at the same place were still chasing money a year later, even with a contract. I, also, following on from a fixed contract at a lycee, agreed to do some cramming for some students, on behalf of the lycee. I didnt chase them for a contract as they already had my details and it was only 2 weeks after the end of my fixed contract. That was last June and after a lot of chasing I received the payment last week (8 months later). They want me to do some more work in April but I will be insisting on a contract in advance.

Rates of pay don't know - depends on whether you are AE.

Good luck