'Unkind, divisive, elitist': international outcry over Trump's 'shithole countries' remark

He can’t help himself. There is no filter between his pea brain and mouth.
He has just cancelled his trip to London to open the new USA embassy because he does not like it.
Plus he is not going to meet the Queen and knows that there will be huge opposition to him on thecstreets of London. Cowardly.


Can’t believe people are surprised by his remarks, it’s the kind of language he’s been using for years, did people really think he would change once in the White House?

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He is an awful man, there are plenty similar to him at both ends of the political spectrum, more’s the pity. And most worryingly so many who will vote for a dangerous creep like him.

I’m embarrassed to be an American right now. Our country is better than this, and I’m hopeful for the upcoming mid-term elections, but it’s difficult to remain optimistic. The crude, insensitive, racist remarks are bad enough; what’s truly alarming are the shifts in policy. Everything important to my husband and me is under attack: climate-change science, clean energy, reproductive rights, immigration, education, diplomacy; you name it and the progress we’ve made in the last several years is being eroded. We are closing next week on a small apartment in Bargemon with the intent of renting it during the summer season, when life is glorious here on the coast of Maine, and visiting for a couple of months each spring and fall. We’d love to connect with others in the area. Thanks for listening…

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