Unused fioul tank


I have just had a new chaudiere put in to enable me to have gaz de ville. I have been charged 1700 euros for the cleaning and emptying of my old now redundant fioul tank, the cost also includes filling it with sand and a certificate for the work done. My tank is 5000m3. Is this price about normal? It seems an awful lot!

Thanks for any feedback or advice


We emptied ours, and then filled it with the rubble from walls we demolished. I think you have to have it emptied, but not filled. They will try to tell you that it will "float" out of the ground. It's funny that that never happened... Ours has also become home to several salamanders. They live on top of the broken bricks. Maybe the rules have changed in the past 11 years.

Have asked around

The déchetterie will take it if it has been "degazée" ( 200€ by a pro )

The ferailleur will take it if you smile and it"s worth his while.

Local agriculturers like them too, to stock various "things"

...I'd contact a local "ferrailleur" GIVE it to him with the fuel left ... this is what we did 4 years ago.

filling it with sand and a certificate sound like another eurolaw that they hatched.

Thanks for reply
It is 5000m3. Havent actually accepted the quote yet, but getting others for comparison though looks like it is expensive.


Its Ok, haven't actually got work done yet, but getting more what looks like dismal quotes.

Thanks for your reply


Was this not mentioned on a devis before he started work ?

A devis (quote or estimate) is obligatory for all works in France over 150 Euros TTC. I would have not paid until I'd have questioned him and had a full break down of all works .

It sounds like a lot of money to me , definitely question it but best in future to ask the price before hand because plenty that will try and rip you off sadly , is that 5000 l btw ? :-)