Unusual dramatic critique of a video game

Apologies to anyone who’s unable to access this - I don’t know how to make it more available. I found it fascinating and compelling on several levels

Bizarre indeed.

I’m not sure there’s much point in focussing on synthesised drudgery of non real people in non real places.

There are plenty of real people toiling in endless drudgery in this world. Far better to concentrate on their real dilemma of existence.

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That’s a very perceptive response.

I suppose my defence in posting the link would be firstly that the commentary turns the characters into metonyms for their 'real world ’ equivalents,
And secondly it reflects the increasing emotional merging of the real/physical world with the hyperreal virtual one -

Glad I’m an 'old man* who doesn’t play computer games and is a resident of la France profonde

Increasingly identifying with that description - from Hokusai’s - ‘old man mad about painting’ to ‘grumpy old men’.

Ghost of Tsushima might convert you, beautiful.

Thanks, but I’m not a game player - had a look at it though - although I’m happy with SF, want everything else that I do to be in the real, physical world…

I gave my daughter the cartoonist a facsimile of Hiroshige’s 53 stations of the Tokaido which I love as much as Hokusai’s 36 views of mt Fuji.

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It may be a sign I’m old too, but I treat SF as being in the real world too. I assume all posters are real, which is why I try to behave as I do - hopefully no-one would find a different Toni if we ever met in meatspace.


Absolutely no blame to you for posting the link. Makes us all think.

My take on more than a few social problems today I attribute to video games and the like creating confusion in players between what is real and what is not.

I also fear these games and increasingly realistic graphics of violence inure young users to pain they inflict on others. Loss of empathy.

Gaming ‘reward’ for killing and maiming other life forms in a ‘game’ may be useful training practice for speed and response within a highly trained and controlled armed forces but it is a loose canon out among less stable minds.

Killing or hurting someone in virtual reality is not a game any more than shooting animals with guns is a ‘sport’.