Unwanted business clothes - would anyone want them?

Dear all
We have a wardrobe full of our unwanted business suits – both mine and Gill’s. Mine: pinstripes etc from Gieves, Aquascutum and similar; Hers: Viyella, John Lewis, Jacques Vert, M&S. All from our previous life in London.

These cost £££hundreds but we never wear them any more. However they might be useful to people starting / returning to / looking for work who need formal business clothes and have limited budgets.

If we could get even a few €€s to replenish our stock of tees and polos – which are 99% of our present-day dress needs in Normandie – that would be good.

Otherwise maybe refugees from Ukraine or elsewhere? Any suggestions?

I’m not sure what you have near to where you live, but Secours Catholique is very active near me. Also, ask at your Mairie, chat with La Poste … chat with neighbours…
If you can’t sell your bits, it can go to a good cause.

We’ve already disposed of most of our UK “uniform” through various charities.
Evening suits, work/office suits, jackets/blazers, overcoats … all been most joyfully accepted.

Even barely worn leather shoes… they’ve gone to a good home (well, to a good pair of feet). OH found our neighbour was his size… and did a swap… smart leather shoes for garden produce… :+1:

All mine I gave to Emmaus


Mine all went back in someone’s van to the UK to the charity shops there.

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It was interesting how long it took me to let go of them. Several years before I was willing to accept that that life had gone.
I kept a couple of good pairs of trousers and a few of my lovely blouses - just sometimes we go out for a posh meal and I dress up.
Also, the cream blouse and black trousers have come in useful once or twice for funerals (sadly).


I have one or two items I simply cannot part with…
One favourite is a simple caftan I bought in 1973 (and it still gets worn from time to time) sadly I’ve lost the feathered necklace which came with it… :roll_eyes:


I gave all mine to an association that helped young, disadvantaged people enter the world of work.

For designer labels that are in tip-top condition look for a local depot-vente or try Vinted.

I gardened in suit trou. They didn’t last long. I’ve one suit left; for weddings, funerals and court appearances.

Has anyone any practical use for ties?

My father had many lovely silk ties. They are now a cushion.

(This is not the actual cushion which lives with my niece in London as memory of her grandfather)


Oh that is a lovely idea. I’ve many of my Dad’s “special” ties which I can’t part with and several of OH’s which are lurking somewhere… I’ll ask my daughter to have a go at making something out of them … she’s the handicraft queen in our family.

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If you still occasionally go back to the UK and think your quality clothes might appeal to others, you may be able to sell them to a specialist shop in London. I got rid of some Paul Smith suits and Joop jackets in that way. It’s a matter of online searching to identify the right shop for what you want to sell. H,owever there may be French options too - for instance

[Gieves & Hawkes - Vestiaire Collective](https://)

Is Réciproque still going? I did amazingly well when I returned to being a student for a while and was selling very trad English-looking stuff for more than I’d paid, and even more for some British brands (after their cut). A couple of bits of lacy lingerie went for unbelievable prices too. The popularity of the English stuff surprised me.

They did open a men’s shop, all was in rue de la Pompe Paris 16e, if they are still going and you can get an appointment to do a “dépót” could turn out to be worth a cheap train ticket to Paris. There are some very specialist ones around too e.g. if you’ve designer bags, like Didier Ludot. Could be worth making a few calls and being selective in which item you place where. Also check reviews as some are less reliable than others.

Reluctantly I have decided to part with my much loved business clothes, well worn but still serviceable.
This valuable collection includes 3 high viz waistcoats, 2 quilted overcoats- one in yellow and one in orange, both have the much sort after insignia of Acme Construction emblazoned on the back, 5 hard hats of which 2 are still in original box, 4 pairs of waterproof trousers which if worn with quilted overcoat makes for a highly fashionable business suit for meetings and finally 2 pairs of steel toe capped boots in black which with a few coats of polish will look like new.
Offers invited.


Hmmm. My ex-husband thought he had. l got out while the going was good!

I have seen a beautiful bag made up of unwanted ties

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