Unwanted mail in post box

Hi does any one else get a load of post from charities with "personalised" items - I.e. pens, address labels, note paper?

I really object to this high pressure selling. I do give to charities that I feel strongly about when and if I can afford to.

I really hate this sort of selling and what a waste of money for the charity as I now put the mail return to sender (in French) in the post box.

The phone calls from all sorts are also driving me mad even though I have registered with all the sites I can find to stop this AND with France Telecom/Orange "Stop Secret"

Any ideas how to stop this please?

I was told that you can’t stop any mail addressed to you personally. As for advertising, I just had a quiet word with the post lady and no longer get any.

La Poste gets paid to deliver junk mail, so it helps to subsidize the delivery of useful stuff that you want. If too many people put up "Pas de Pub" notices, either postal rates will have to go up or we will get an inferior service. In some remote areas, the facteur is the only regular contact old people have with the rest of the world. So it isn't a big price to recycle a bit of waste paper once a week.
In some areas, people hang a short length of plastic drainpipe labelled "Pub" on the fence near their postbox.The facteur just rolls it up and slips it in the pipe and the householder just adds it to the pile for recycling. Avoids the risk of dumping important letters that get mixed with the rubbish in error.
We are still using an old-fashioned answering machine to deter nuisance callers. My bilingual announcement gets rid of most, but we still get the odd message asking us to phone a number to "confirm our appointment" which we always ignore.

I'm lost there, so no help. The bit we still get we shred then use to start our stove.

Thanks but yes I have a sticker on my box

This is mail being delivered by La Poste - I am clearly on a mailing list some where so getting flooded with this - they have my details to send "personalised items" trying to guilt trip me into paying out - as I said I am returning to sender but how does one remove one self from these lists in France?

cheers Sara

A 'stop pub' sticker. Have a look at them on www.ecologie.gouv.fr/stop-pub.html