Up with the Suppositories

Yes - as you can guess this is a blog about bottoms. I know, my blog posts have no reached an all time low.

Well actually it's about babies bottoms so that's a bit easier right?

When we first moved to France and had baby No 1, during teething, my lovely Medecin suggested paracetamol (Doliprane) in the form of suppositories. I squirmed and requested the strawberry flavour sirop. I was lucky No 1's first tooth was a sweet one.

With No 2 I struggled to administer the sirop, she wore most of it and I'm sure it's not effective when externally applied! Many a wet wipe were used trying to clean up after the goo was rejected by the tiny tongue creating a sticky pink face, dribbling onto the neck, down their backs and all over their clothes. So I finally decided to try the suppositories (recommended for babies under 1). After a couple of aborted attempts I was able to administer these and wow - it was a lot easier than I'd thought. No more messing about, these were the way forwards...onwards & upwards so to speak!

So when No 3 arrived there was no messing around with liquid Calpol or Doliprane, I brought a small supply of suppo's over to the UK with me. A good job since she won't even take her Vitamin D drops (which taste delicious like Orange Oil). However after a few nights and days teething plus a couple of previous incidents I've only got 1 suppo left.

I looked online at Boots.com and they don't seem to sell the Suppo paracetamol - so here is a question about the UK for a change - does anyone know if you can get paracetamol in suppository over the counter or do I need to see a Dr for a prescription?

GP in London refused to prescribe paracetamol suppositories as 'we don't like sticking things up babies bottoms'. She also asked why I was giving paracetamol for teething and not just using a gel - It's a good job it was a phone appointment or I'd have been tempted to insert something somewhere I shouldn't.

Yup, my little ones are in the UK with Nana and Grandad this week - I hope Luc doesn't get his usual ear infection and ask for the special medicine in his bottom that makes his ears better :-)

I never travel without the doliprane syringe - Izzy would get it everywhere. I had to do a maths degree to work out the measure from Calpol spoon to doliprane weight range! I have tried Neurofen with Jasmine - she liked the Orange flavour - will be trying anything and everything if Maisy keeps me awake for a 3rd night running!

Neurofen - flipping spellcheck!

What about neurogen which comes with a syringe - I found it worked brilliantly and used to have it posted out when we were first here. You could probably try squirting it up her bum too…

I asked in our local pharmacy - they had to order them and they wanted £19.44 for 10 paracetamol suppositories - what is that all about?!?! I still have one left and the teething seems to have eased a little, hopefully for 3 weeks until I can restock on Doliprane in France. Otherwise I'll be trying the syringe with Calpol!

Quick google tells me there a few brands of sup paracetamol for kids available in the U.K. Whether they will let you have it without a script? I would try a small chemist with the box from France. If they are giving you kiddie strength then I think it unlikely they will say no.

If all else fails you could try a syringe and pinning the child down.....not pleasant but sometimes necessary :-(

I did giggle reading this.....they just love Suppositories in France. Once you get over the initial (British "anal" thinking.....lol) it is actually much better. An exact dose and easier/quicker uptake by the body.
All three of my kids had febrile convulsions and I never went anywhere without paediatric voltaren suppositories.