Update on moving and healthcare

Just thought id update as received alot of support here.
Had an accident the day i arrived and had used ehic and uk travel insurance.
Delaying my attestation of residence primaire until autumn to get fixed.
Serious compound fracture, operation, titanium plate, post op complications, back in hospital.
But French care second to none.

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Wishing you a speedy recovery Sarah :hugs:

Hi Sarah

Sorry you’ve had the accident… but so glad you had Travel Insurance to back up the EHIC…

Well done !

Get well soon!

I’m finally back. Still doing physio twice a week with my kine and now paying for it by choice.
i’ve totally forgotten everything that i researched and noted in my moving plan.
So now i have an appointment for my controle technique for my car i bought with me, but can’t remember where to start wtih importing… Is there a link? still struggle to type because my right hand now points the wrong way!