UPDATE: Policeman shot and hostages taken at supermarket in southern France

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both same person updated on news. he shot the policeman then ran to the supermarket.

Thanks for this update…

Had the radio on while getting lunch…suddenly realised what I was hearing… but sadly the extractor made too much noise and I lost some of the details…

@Aquitaine … Dvid… it’s FM 93.15 that I’ve got on today… no idea what station is called though…

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I’ve never come across a talk radio in French that I like. I will try that one.

This brave 45 year old Gendarme gave his life… :cry::cry::cry:

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thanks for the update stella.

Tears in my eyes as I read what his mother says of him…

What a tragedy. A true hero.

Pity the scroat who did this is dead… I would love to havr been able to see ‘special forces’ pull his toe nails and teeth out with a rusty pair of pliers. :rage:

Sadly, a long list of those policemen who have lost their lives… in similar circumstances…

I suspect that many people feel the same.

But after the attacks in Paris, Nice and Rouen anyone who takes and kills hostages in France, then claims allegiance with IS probably  isn’t going to get to trial.

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Next time someone is tempted to complain about a speeding ticket/breathalyser or whatever… it should be remembered that these folk lay their lives on the line as well… :zipper_mouth_face:


and to all intents and purposes, it is extremely unlikely that they will have their licence to carry arms pulled after killing someone in these circumstances as would be the case in the UK whilst the IPC armchair detectives deliberate thier navels :wink:

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