Update your website to get more readers

(Craig McGinty) #1

Craigblock0408_1THERE are many ways that you can get more people to visit your website, often it involves paying for advertisements on other sites.

Or another way is to trawl around the internet asking other sites to link to you or dabble in a bit of black-hat search engine optimisation.

But by far the cheapest, and easiest, method is to get into the habit of updating your site regularly with new articles.

It will have a real impact on the success of your site as first off you are giving regular readers a reason to keep coming back and dropping
in to your site.

If they know a site is going to be updated regularly there is more chance that you will pop it into their favourites and visit a few times a week, or subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feed.

The other advantage of up to date articles is that search engines will recognise the fact and return much more often to index your site.

Again over time your site will be seen as a valuable resource as search engine spiders work out to push your site further up the results' page.

I am not talking of producing 1,000 word articles every day. Just 200 to 300 word pieces maybe three times a week will soon add up and get your website noticed.

If you run a business see it as a marketing task and drop something that you are already doing that is not working, and replace it with your article-writing task.

What has worked for you?

(Joanna Urwin) #2

Video works for me - and I’m not just saying that because I make them :slight_smile: - but your site will get a higher search engine ranking if you have a video on your site. www.businessvideo.fr is a subsidiary of www.jayvideo.com (Est.1991) and has been set up to help businesses in France get their message across on video - particularly via the web.