Upholsterer Required

Can anyone recommend an upholsterer within easy reach of La Reole or Bazas? We need to get a Chaise Longue renovated.


This one looks pretty good and he's in the centre of Bazas. Won't be cheap though.

There are one or 2 around here in Gensac 33890 but too far from you.

There are load of 'Tapissiers' around but make sure you get a 'devis' first. I got a major shock when a lady in town quoted me 360€ for a back and seat of a nursing chair and that's with me supplying the new material !!! i decided to buy a good quality staple gun and do it myself...

I was going to say the same. Go to one with a workshop with examples rather than a man with a van though.

Almost any tapissier will do it but ask to see examples of their work.