Upholsterers and Decorators

I do know, in these straightened times, the idea of Interior Decoration is the very last thing on anyone's mind, and believe me I for one am feeling the effects of this double dip recession. It makes no sense therefore to set off hunting the brocantes and depot vents for the odd and unusual overstuffed chair. However I confess to having an addiction for such pursuits and am now in search of a good, reasonably priced Upholsterer in the Languedoc area. I have fabrics galore at my fingertips and a wonderful man in the Uk who makes my sofas but I would love to find someone down here to work with. Any ideas welcome or anyone want to discuss Interior Decor in France also welcome.

Hi Regina,

From my experience in loose covers, your chairs would have to be removed for accurate fitting. I have had an old Chesterfield done recently and locally. I have a good loose cover maker in the UK. You would have to take very precise measurements because obviously it would not be practical to remove the chairs. Do you have the fabric required. I could arrange a quote for you if have pictures of the chairs.

I can’t help you, but we have been looking for somebody in the Lyon area to make removable covers @ la Ikea for our oldfashioned armchairs. Lots of guys prepared to reupholster them, but nobody wants to make tailored covers. If anybody knows anyone who would be prepared to make them for us, please let me know! We could even pay for the trip to Lyon to take the measurements and for accommodation.

Hi Miv,

We live in Cap D'Agde, and my wife Michelle is a qualified Upholsterer. Do contact her via her page...Michelle Birks