Uploading passport photo

Hi if anybody can help me using desktop pc with win 10
I am trying to fill an online passport application form but, when I get to upload the photo I drag it across it then takes over the whole screen and I can go no further I have no idea what I am doing wrong any help would be great thanks

I seem to recall it was a « browse » option rather than drag and drop exercise… We were using FireFox and it worked perfectly well.

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thank you I will try that

No browse on the dropdown box maybe will download Firefox and try from there

You don’t have to use their service but this video explains the process of uploading your photo

I applied online via my tablet. When it asks you for a photo, you can take a photo an add it directly. It will tell you if it’s ok.

The whole online process took less than 30 mins and my lovely blue passport arrived via DHL within 10 days.

Thank you Robert I think I am getting there