uPVC Double Glazing - Conservatory door plus windows

I’m really struggling to get a devi for 1 x door and 4 or 5 windows to turn a wood conservatory into uPVC. The roof is already tiled.
Granted it’s hardly the biggest job on the planet, the sizes are bespoke and not off the shelf. Two local companies (Saint-Lô, Normandy) have been out and have been promising a devi for weeks but it’s like pulling hens teeth. I hear some people in the area have been waiting up to 18 months for an odd window or two.
Any ideas?

In 2020 we waited six months for shutters. We’ve a “Year in Provance” relationship with our Payagist (ie he pops in and does a bit of the contract every few months “normalemant”) and it took six months to chase down our Terrassié to install our fosse. I’ve adapted to local time and learnt not to stress :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yup, it is what it is :grinning:
I just wondered if I was missing something, maybe a national company, equivalent of say Everest or Safestyle in the UK.
A French colleague suggested trying some larger companies who deliver:-



Leroy Merlin (look away, Jane!) was offering installation on some products in some categories to be bought as a package with the product. I think in the past windows might have been included, not sure now and it may vary by branch.

We have been in discussions with builders of new homes in France recently. They are extending the lead time they quote on every build because of the difficulties in getting upvc window sets.

We just bit the bullet and signed up with a local family owned manufacturer , installation January/February next year. Strange, since in the UK a friend just got their full house done in a little under 6 weeks.

Maybe the standards for glass in France are different to UK? Good article here.

You may have picked a very good well recommended company with a long waiting list. You may have been able to have found someone that could have done them much more quickly - but if one company has a queue and the another doesn’t - which would you prefer to go with (for a non-urgent job) ?

That’s exactly what we’ve done, everything about this company oozed confidence , they even gave us a tour of their factory. Happy to wait.

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