Urgent - dental health care cover advice

Hi does anyone know about the 100 % cover being offered by the french state? My prosthesis tooth fell out yesterday. When I lived In England the dentist stuck it back when it occasionally fell out. My french dentist told me that if is fell out again I had to have a proper prosthesis, he gave me a quote for the work which would cost 1450 euros. A friend told me to ask for a second quote which would include this higher percentage paid for by the state; I am going back to my dentist tomorrow and wanted to know exactly what kind of quote to ask for; is it a formulaire he has to fill out etc? Is he obliged to give me that alternative? I have a carte vital and a mutual assurance with AXA covering basis dental treatment. It is very difficult to find another dentist around here and I cant afford 1450 euros but I have a marriage to go to! Advice much appreciated.

There’s a recent Topic you may have missed which cover s dental devis and complementaire…

There are certain dental things covered by the 100% santé scheme, which means you pay next to nothing if you have a mutuelle. This covers the basic treatments, and I think also includes “dentier en resine”. Posh materials aren’t covered, especially on teeth further back in your mouth. It doesn’t cover implants or any cosmetic work for adults.

You need to specifically ask the dentist for a 100% santé devis. It may not be the type of tooth you want, but at least then you will know the choice you have.

Il existe trois paniers pour les prothèses dentaires :

  • le panier 100 % Santé : les couronnes, les bridges, les dentiers sont intégralement remboursées si vous bénéficiez d’un contrat de mutuelle qui le prévoit (« contrat responsable ») ;
  • le panier aux tarifs maîtrisés : il intègre des couronnes, des bridges et des dentiers dont les prix sont plafonnés. Selon les conditions de votre contrat de mutuelle, il peut y avoir un reste à charge, mais modéré ;
  • le panier aux tarifs libres : le reste à charge peut être plus important pour vous, selon votre contrat de mutuelle.

Dans le devis de votre dentiste devra figurer le traitement proposé et l’alternative dans le panier 100 % Santé ou, si ce n’est pas techniquement possible, dans le panier aux tarifs maîtrisés. Il vous suffit ensuite de transmettre ce devis à votre mutuelle pour connaître le montant de votre remboursement.

Thankyou so much as that answers everything!