Urgent headlight question


I hope everyone has been enjoying some sunshine today!

Does anyone know where I could buy the headlight beam converter stickers in France? Is there any actual shop that will sell these to convert UK to Eu?

In a bit of a rush as the lights I bought on eBay to pass my contre visit fit the car but the connector (prise) doesn’t. So they can’t be plugged in, the local garage has just let me know.

Or failing that any recommendations of where to buy in the UK and get them sent over? I have been searching past threads but can’t see an actual link so far.

Many thanks in advance!


Amazon France

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Thank you!! Ordered.

It’s strange had been looking at Amazon but the delivery times all seemed to be slower than the link you provided.

Thanks again. Have a nice evening :grinning:

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These things are only a bit of sticky plastic. You can use anything that wil stick to the glass & cut it to size, just make sure that they are in the right place!

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Dud the garage supply any more information, or photos, to explain the problem?
The electrical supply and needs are the same for RHD and LHD cars. It is possible that a small change has resulted in one or more wires being located in a different position in the connector, maybe a different shape of connector too.
I was disappointed to find that the only difference between the set of rear lights I bought for my Hilux was in the connector. The reverse and the fog light switch sides of the car. They both have a 3-pin connector, reverse uses pins 1 and 2 fog light uses pins 2 and 3. Power for the fog light and the reverse light goes to both sides of the vehicle . The only difference between RH traffic and LH traffic lights us where the wires go in the connector. A red bulb of the same type as reverse is used in the side that is wired as a fog light.
Had I known that I could have moved the wires in the connectors on my original lights, saving a lot.
Getting back to the point of my post, it may be that to make your new lights work the wires one or more wires need relocating in the connectors. Many garages these days would not undertake to do that…

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Thank you for your reply. I have taken a picture and circled the connector in red. I am really not technical when it comes to cars, so forgive me if I am calling it the wrong thing. The garage described it as a

plug/socket(prise). I have emailed the seller on Ebay but no reply yet. Maybe it is just a case of getting an adaptor for for it.

Hi Marijke

It may be that you have bought a set of replacement headlights from a different model year than your own car? There will not be an adaptor - the plug either fits or it doesnt. Manufacturers sometimes do update the specs of such things as the years go by.

Maybe a friendly local garagiste might be able to swap the plugs on your existing headlights for the correct ones for the replacements you have bought. He would need to cut the wiring on your car to fit the correct plugs. Sounds drastic but isnt really.

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Thank you for this Carl. The local garagiste I went to was very friendly but at a loss for what to do. I will see if a different garage can help. Thanks again for the tip.

Out if curiosity, what is the car and model year?

The car is a Fiat Punto Grande 1.4 from 2009