Urgent help needed with solar pool safety cover

Can anyone help? A friend has a pool with a solar powered retractable pool cover but no instruction manual. It is a Del Roll Sun version 2. We are having problems with it shutting and going round in circles trying to get it fixed - as it is the security device for the pool it is really important to get it seen to. The pool company who installed it are not being very helpful at all and when we tried to get info from the manufacturers they just say refer back to the suppliers.

To start with we have no instruction manual - previous owners say they never got one, the pool company say they would have received one and don't have any spares - so if anyone has a users guide that would be a great start. I've tried googling to get one on line - but to no avail.

Also, the pool company say that there is no way of manually operating the cover if the mechanisms fail (which they have) and yet when we look on line at the sale blurb it says that all are fitted with a manual crank as a safety feature - but we can't find anything that looks like a place to put in a manual crank and there certainly was never a manual crank left by the fitters.

I'm hoping someone out there has the same cover and can help us out of this mess - as we have a few young children staying this summer its going to be a nightmare if we can't get the safety cover to work.

Fingers crossed



Thank you Thank you Thank you

You absolute star - I knew there must be someone out there who could help - thank goodness for SFN (and yourself of course)

Julie X

Hi Julie

Type 1 and 2 are identical if you leave out the extended solar panels on the type 2. So the instruction manual for the type 1 should work for the type 2

The connector for the manual handle (which is the white key-like feature on the right-hand side top of the axle box) should be located inside the box. (see page 19). If you don't have the manual handle it should be fairly easy to fabricate one.

Let us know how you fare