Urgent Help Needed

Just arrived over this evening to find our water meter busted from the bad weather earlier in the year. No water. If anyone can help to repair or give advice I’d very much appreciate it.

Second what Terry says, you can't touch the water meter, it's not yours! you are responsible for everything AFTER the meter. Number to contact should be on your last bill. Again as terry says it changes from département to département and even from commune to commune so failing an old bill, ask neighbours or at the mairie. Bonne chance ;-)

Thanks Terry. I will hopefully move this on tomorrow

If it's the meter that's bust then I'm almost certain you can't replace it yourself, as would be the case with the electricity meter. It has to be done by whoever supplies your water or by an official organisation. Here in Lozere we call the SDEE, the Syndicat Départemental d'Electrification et d'Equipement, but this may not apply everywhere as our water comes from a local spring. If you have an old bill for your water there may be some indication on it about who to call. If not, see if there's an emergency number in the telephone book and/or ask the neighbours. Otherwise you may have to wait until you can get hold of someone at the mairie. Best of luck.

Shay - I've just put up a post in the Languedoc group as well, linking to your post here. If we can help in any way, ring me - 0468 49 30 57 or mobile: 0638 98 78 69.

Hi Steve. I don't but I would suggest you immediately post this in http://www.survivefrance.com/group/renovationgroup

I will ask James if we can highlight it tomorrow if you've no response. Include your department no. and nearest large town, so other members can see where you are.