URGENT HELP! up to date info needed on roads and hotels

An Italian friend who’s driving through to Spain has asked me if the Autoroute between Salon- Arles - Montpellier is open and a good website to look for motels along the motorway to Spain…she’s also travelling with dogs, does anyone know if they allow dogs in the rooms???

Extra points to Andrew too for offering to speak to my friend in Italian…

Sorry Terry, not your atlas but the one originally used which obviously caused the question to be asked… is the autoroute open yet? and for Wendy - non ci sono problemi, posso anche parlare o communicare con lui/lei in italiano se vuoi !

ciao a tutti

Extra points to Terry for being bng up to date!

I was looking at the 2011 Michelin map. :-)}

Thanks everyone for your help. It’s been 6 yrs since she went that way, I’ve passed the info on and both problemas are now solved. Grazie!

very old atlas - it’s been open for years! fast but can be very very busy, especially once you’re on to the A9 from Nîmes onwards. sorry no idea about travelling with dogs though.

According to my map Salon-Arles-Montpellier is either motorway (A54) or dual carriageway (the bit around Arles). Whether pets are allowed in rooms depends entirely on the hotel, even within a given hotel chain. It’s usually indicated on their web site. I use booking.com quite a lot as a good general site for finding hotels. Otherwise Louvre Hotels (Campanile and other chains) or Accor which covers everything from the very basic to the ultra-posh.

Thanks Judy!

Campanile are ok with dogs in most of their hotels.