Urgent help

HELP need to get my sisters shawl I made in the post today (scared she’ll be dead before she gets it if I have to wait until Tuesday). Is the C23 that prints out when you buy your ‘stamp’ the only customs form you need, it did say earlier on ‘print form bla bla’ but I didn’t pay much notice and now not sure. HELP

C22 or C23. If it’s a gift that you put down as low monetary value then you need nothing else. Family & I have been exchanging parcels for several weeks now with no probs. Seems that as long as there’s a form stuck to it it goes through.

So horrible for you, so hope you can at least get this to her.

Think my wife has been using C23 (tiny form though) filled in on, and printed out from, the computer. She’s sent stuff to the UK and Canada, all gifts. Seems to work OK, but I’d have to ask her for the details :smile:

Thanks all I checked when I dropped the parcel and the C23 is fine.

Fingers crossed for you Tory that it arrives quickly. Been thinking of you all day.


I realised in my insomniac hours last night that I just randomly wrote down €50 as value - is that over some threshold??? :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

No…it’s 135€

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