Urgent - home needed for little abandoned kitten!

Argh, don't know what to do about a poor little kitty left abandoned at the end of our drive - there were three - two have disappeared but this little one is desperate to cling onto hope!

The SPA in Carcassonne have refused to take him in - we can't keep him we have three cats already and are moving to a smaller place.

He's very friendly and has bright blue eyes and a smooth white coat with a funny little ginger striped tail - anyone looking for a little light in their lives - please contact me asap. We live just outside the village of Carlipa 11170 Aude. Any advice would be appreciated!

Please have a look here and follow the advice given http://chatsduquercy.fr/en/3481/guide-to-rehoming-a-cat/

There are legalities in France for rehoming animals and there is a LOT of trafficking with horrific consequences for unidentified animals, so please do not give the kitten away and follow the advice to protect it's future. By all means give us a call at Chats du Quercy 05 63 94 73 97