URGENT: UK English Voice Talent Needed (voice actresses & voice actors)


In case you know of Voice Talent / Actresses, please have them send demos to
textlinea@icloud.com and also to textlinea@gmail.com

Many thanks,

Anna Louise

I wonder if any of our Forum Regulars fall within that happy band… :thinking::relaxed::relaxed:

Maybe some of us should have a “try out”. I imagine my East London/Essex accent would go down a treat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Young grandson reckons I sound like a “strangled-squirrel”…or so he told me when we stayed there last year… I think it was something to do with a school project, that gave him the idea of that particular endearment. :hugs:


Didn’t I read a news report recently about a similar scam in the U.K. by a well-known conman. Just don’t send any money!


Anna… how did you get to hear about this ?? What is it about… ???:thinking::thinking:

I’m glad someone asked as I have no idea what an English voice talent is.

I thought I remembered correctly.

A conman jailed in 2013 for duping elderly victims out of thousands of pounds has resurfaced with a new money-making venture, the BBC can reveal.
Carl Mould, 52, from Nottingham, has been posing as voice actor Edward C Harwell, offering to help people make money from audiobook narration.
It is estimated he has taken £100,000 in 18 months from dozens of customers, one of whom was left feeling “a fool”.

Based in Birmingham apparently. Just be careful if anyone asks you to send money to ‘get into the business’.

Hello Stella,
A potential client in France has asked me.
It would be super if it all goes ahead.


Anna Louise

I reckon my Franglais à la mode Sellers would go down a treat here Stella !

Hey Mandy, maybe a bit of Fools ‘n’ Horses for you … bonnet de douche, frapper mais oui :rofl:


Hello Anna, forgive my levity.

Will be interesting to know exactly what your potential client is seeking. I thought that most actors belonged to a union, had agents and cv’s stating if they do voice overs etc;
Anyway best of luck :slight_smile:

Hello there! I wouldn’t touch it without a down payment as that’s too risky, and any potential client has to sign a contract as well.

Anna Louise

I’m more of an “apples & pears” and “dog & bone” sort of girl. My Dad used cockney rhyming slang all the time. He wore a “whistle” to work, kept his handkerchief in his “sky”, his money in the “fish”, combed his “barnet” etc etc etc. He deliberately lost his cockney accent over the years as he climbed the ladder at work but never stopped using the rhyming slang.


Well Mandy we were born not too far away from each other. I was born in Kent . My dad was ‘working class’ and proud of it. He always used to say ’ I don’t know why you always have your head in a book, you were born working class and that’s how you will stay’. No good arguing that I wanted something a little different, to him women were there to bear babies etc; etc and mum wasn’t allowed her say !
Thankfully attitudes have really changed for the better. I went on to further education and the rest, as they say is history ::wink:
I think that is why I so dislike ‘labels’ now, we are all different and that is what is good …
Just as a last thought, my dad was always coming out with ‘obscure’ at least in our house, bits of poetry, don’t know where he got them from, but along the lines of…
He who on the lighthouse lingers, counts his death on all ten fingers… Charge of the Light Brigade and loads more , strange times, wish he was there sdo I could ask why ! :thinking:


My fave is "servir frais mois non glace - French for “it could of been on the top floor”. :rofl:

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That’s it Peter, thank you, the words were lurking there somewhere … will have to dig out my collection for the other gems :star_struck:

some useful phrases here…:hugs:


I am dying!! :grin::grin::grin: