URSAAF declaration trimestralle

I wans told last night that if your gite has a rating by an authorised body, you pay only 7% rather than the usual 12.8% on your trimestalle declaration.
Can anyone confirm this ?

It would depend how you registered your business.
Since your heading is URSSAF declaration trimestrielle I assume you registered it as a micro entreprise. If that’s the case then it makes no difference if you are rated or not, ME is a simplified regime and all MEs pay the same fixed percentage charges according to activity.
In any case I’m not sure where you get 7% from, do you have a link for that? I can’t think of any regime where 7% comes into the equation.

Yes, it is true - I am an AE/ME and pay 7% ( 6% cotisations + 1% tax). It came in sometime last year but has not been widely publicised - quelle surprise! You need to send your classification certificate (for each gite if you have more than one) to URSAFF and request the reduction. If you request to join the facebook group GOSSIP - For Gite Owners and use the search function (‘6% cotisations’ for example) there is a wealth of information on how to do it, official links etc, etc. Hope that helps.


Not widely publicised at all, none of the ME sites or forums that I belong to have mentioned it! Excellent information, thank you Julie.