USA phone number for identity verification?

Hi all, I’m new here!

I just move to Paris France from the USA a few weeks ago and I’m running into a problem. I want to keep my US bank and credit cards but it requires a US number for code verification. I can’t keep both a US and French number. I tried changing it to my French number because it doesn’t accept an international format nor will it send me SMS alerts. I almost found a solution by getting a Skype US Number, but unfortunately they have confirmed they don’t do identity SMS.

Has anyone else had this problem? What are you doing to get around it?

Really? - A dual SIM phone would seem to be the answer, as long as continuing to pay for your US SIM (or getting a newcheap SIM only deal) is not going to break the bank.

Hello, Dasadorah: Some American banks will allow you to switch from texting (to an American number) to email code verification, which solves the problem. For us, there is also the reverse problem, as our French bank requires a French phone number for sms code verification, which we have turned off while we are in the U.S. But our bank thankfully changed the sms requirement while we are here. I would suggest contacting your American bank to see if they allow other code verification options.

As an aside, I’m intrigued - how are you allowed into France? We can’t get past the required “attestation” for Americans, and being a property owner in France unfortunately doesn’t allow access for us either. I’d be happy to be tested, quarantined, socially-distanced and masked up (as I have been since mid-March), but there is no applicable box on the attestation that I can check that will allow me into France.

Fortunately, we had our long stay visas already approved just before the lockdown. Sure we were stuck in the USA and couldn’t leave but eventually the visas issued in our time frame were auto extended for 6 months. In late July the interior minister issued a notice that allowed our visa type permission for entry. However, we still had to have an attestation from my husband’s employer stating the need for entry, his role also played a part in this. We had to have multiple documents in English and French, both of which were checked every step of the way.

I believe it came down to the visa at the end and staff listening to logic as we saw others get stopped even when they shouldn’t have. Our Visa allows us to travel but we’re not risking it. We’re staying put in Paris. We took a test upon landing and quarantine.

Here’s some information that might help but this is very specific to our entry. I recommend taking a Covid test before you go. However, I’ve seen them turn other people away on the same flight we were taking. The airport staff is very cautious and they don’t fully know what’s allowed or not and they will boot people because it’s a 15k euro fine per person.

A document from the Immigration director of the Ministry of Interior was issued beginning of June stating that “any holder of […] a long stay visa, which expires between 16 March and 15 June 2020 : […] can enter the Schengen area and return to France for an additional 6 months after the expiration date shown on the residence document”.

Exceptions : third country nationals arriving from the US holding a valid long stay visa and who have their principal residence in France can enter France.Quarantine measure : a 14 day quarantine will be necessary upon arrival.

Entry attestation – to be completed and signed (attached to this document)Valid passport on which your long stay visa is affixed General information on the extension of residency documents (attached to this document)Employment contract Proof of residence in France in your name

Here’s another two forms you will need. You should be able to grab it from the French government website.



Thanks so much for the info - yikes! Its as bad as we thought, they really put you through it. My husband read your response and said: that’s as much trouble as they put us through getting a French bank account. Unfortunately, we just own property in France, our principal residence is the U.S. We’re retired, so no job or commercial reason to be in France, no French family (just a lot of friends and neighbors that we miss), and certainly not students, which means that until they lift the requirement for the attestation (or change it to allow those of us that own property) we can’t come in :sob: We are normally at our house there 3 times a year, and now haven’t been back since mid-March. Its really causing us heartache.

Thanks again for the thorough explanation - we were debating looking at flights, hoping for a change soon, but I think we will hold off :disappointed: Enjoy your time in Paris, I’m completely envious!