USANA is launching in France

There is a fantastic opportunity to be involved with Usana products, I am looking for people who are interested in healthcare products, which include slimming supplements, facial products and vitamin products endorsed by many athletes.

This is a great opportunity for anyone in the fitness industry or any individual with an interest in health products, to sell commercially or for personal use. An exciting opportunity to be there from the launch into France and Belgium it can be financially very rewarding.

Anyone interested in learning more please send a personal message, or email to

This is a summary of a statement from the founder:

USANA customers can be assured that they are providing the cells of their bodies with the right kind and the right amounts of nutrients. Together, the USANA family has become a global force with a unique vision of helping people adopt the healthy lifestyle that USANA products support. I dream of a world free from pain and suffering. I dream of a world free from disease. The USANA family will be the healthiest family on earth. Share my vision. Love life and live it to its fullest in happiness and health.
Myron Wentz, Ph.D.
Founder and Chairman, USANA Health Sciences, Inc.