Use this site to find out when (or if) you're getting fibre broadband - 2mb until 2020 for us

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There appears to be some priority applied to business owners, we are going to explore what this means for those running businesses from home.

I wonder if the minimal 2mb speed we currently get is going to be unusable in four years or will internet bandwidth requirements decrease over time as compression algorithms improve. What do you reckon?



Only goes up to 2017/2018 for me and situation doesn’t change, I don’t even get the 3-8 Mb they reckon I should be getting now, 2Mb on a good day. Better than some villages though

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My commune gets fibre optic this year! My house 2020 :frowning:


Our massive commune of 7 people :slight_smile: is classed as ‘ineligible’.

We currently use carrier pigeons, for outside communications… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, James.



You sure that’s not your village size, smallest commune in france (in Gironde) has about 60 people.

Sorry Mark, I should of used the word 'Hamlet, instead of ‘Commune’.



Seven in your hamlet? That’s huge!

Really? :slight_smile:

We are trying to slowly to increase the population by are own one man and one woman breeding program. Increased it by one baby daughter with another on the way in June. By that time David, we in our hamlet will be the Capital of Creuse (not too hard) :slight_smile:

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Four adults and a child in mine. That puts you two ahead.

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Thanks James, looks like we’re 3-8 for the duration then. Anyone any tips on broadband suppliers, we take the keys to our future in France on the 24th and total newbies. Wish us luck.

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This site will allow you to see which operators are offering what speeds for what price - based on your address and phone number (or that of a close neighbour if you have one!)


You’re welcome! Good luck with your move. Would you mind updating your user profile to include your full name please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I know the fibre has been run to a hub in our commune, and it looks like we are due 8-30 (wow!) things. Does this mean that the old copper cable to the house will be replaced too? We are 2-3 km from the hub as the crowd flies.

Not necessarily Mark - we have around 18Mbps on copper around 500m from the fibre hub.

Thanks Simon, just got to wait for “them” to switch “it” on then…

I would imagine that 8-30 would be more than sufficient for most needs. I am amazed that I will be receiving a high speed internet connection in the near future. When I first bought my house I chose to buy one in the middle of nowhere and was as pleased as I was amazed to find that it even had a mobile phone signal. If had had wanted state of the art convenience I would have bought a property in a large town.

Same here David - middle of nowhere and 18 Mbps on average - brilliant for the IPTV especially as we are out of satellite dish range (unless we have one the size of Jodrell Bank !)

I wonder who is more in the middle of nowhere, because we are too😄. No mobile signal either, which is a good thing ( or is it these days?).

You will be more in the middle of nowhere than me because in real terms civilisation is not too far away. In Internet coverage terms I’m about as remote as you can be with regards to the nearest exchange.