Useful information regarding new VAT rules / Import duties between UK and EU

While this article regards Ireland, in principle (and in most of the detail) this applies to other EU countries:

Luckily the bags are still available.

Have just been charged €25 on a Hollland & Barrett order of less than that. Is this right ? I don’'t think so …

Morally or per T’s & C’s?

As for the latter I am sure H&B can supply you with a breakdown but courier charges for “processing” any duty as goods cross a customs border have been a ripoff for some time.

Yes, I do get that but I thought bojo had negotiated a customs deal ? Which “presumably” would include postal goods ?

Ah bless…

I don’t suppose BoJo knows what he has negotiated. He leaves that to the back-room trade regs ‘technicians’. He probably isn’t interested. Any sign of glitches, he leaves to the oleaginous Gove to dismiss as mere fleeting inconveniences, as forecast.

What he has negotiated is ‘a deal’ as opposed to ‘no deal’. This permits him to say ‘fantastic’ repeatedly. ‘No deal’ would not qualify as being described as ‘fantastic’ and in fact might be slightly embarassing.

This ‘deal’ has ‘Got Brexit Done’, which is, of course, fantastic. This is pleasing to the woman in Swansea who voted ‘Leave’ because “Swansea has had a hard time”. It permits him to temporarily stop the mouths of the ERG and similar, with threats and promises.

It’s a bit of a downer, his pal Donald being up the Khyber, after all the palsy-walsy stuff in DC about fantastic trade deals with America. Biden was/is a Remainer.

Ordered Dec Order total. Subtotal £14.49 Import charges £0.00 Total £24.53

‘Ordered’ today, same seller


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Just started reading this and then despair took over…how could anybody in their right mind have voted for this to replace the simplicity of the single market/C Union.? But I maybe many Brexiteers never bought or sent outside UK they just wanted to build fences to keep out Johnny foreigner