Username change problem

Can someone tell me why I cant change my username under profile . I have tried highlighting the old one but nothing happens. Thanks

I’m sure @cat or @billybutcher will be along soon with the full answer, but I believe that the board is set up so users can’t change their names. Administrators should be able to do it for you though.

Yes, the board is now set to prevent users changing their name.

It used not to be the case.

if you send a request to @james with the name you now want, I’m sure he will do it for you.

Just wondering, @fiona_mcclean , did you resolve your acte de vente for the land sale?

Thanks for asking. In fact the secretary of the Marie said it was a communal path and therefore we could not prevent usage even after the 30 year old rule as it was communal. However we would like to know why the marie did not keep it clear for over forty years. Many trees have fallen onto this path, the path has been cut out of a tallow. In 1984, 85, 86 there were several 'natural catastrophes" mentioned on the diagnostics and perhaps it is considered dangerous!
Still under investigation!


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