Using a Gardiennage and buying a mobile home/caravan

Has as anyone on this forum used a gardiennage in France to store and put their caravan on site. It is a wonderful idea and we are planning to buy a second hand caravan direct from an English speaking gardiennage in Agde, France. Seems real cheap to store all year and great service ie you turn up on the camp site and your caravan is there waiting and real cheap for this service.

Before we commit, can anyone recommend a good gardiennage in Agde or Stee in South France?

Hi John,I am thinking of doing the same but buying a caravan in the uk and taking it to Agde.

What is the name of the english speaking Gardiennage in Agde,how did you manage with the insurance.

If you did buy a caravan and store it in France where there any problems regards Simon

We have a caravan storage facility in Montréal du Gers.

Make sure you have good insurance and that the storage people have also.