Using a geometre to mark boundaries

We are going to buy a parcelle of common land in front of our house. At that time we intend employing a geometre to define all our boundaries as we intend to build a wall between ourselves and our neighbour and generally fence in the property.

Has anyone any experience of employing a geometre and if so can they give feedback and info on costs please.

Further to previous posts:

has anyone experienced having to wait on a vote by the sectionnaires ( all the inhabitants of our hamlet) once the Maire and Conseil Municipal have agreed to the sale of this piece of common land in front of our property as it's a "bien"?

Also we now have a devis from a geometre for the bornage- headed Bornage Amiable Contradictoire- anyone care to explain exactly what this means!!?

We seem also to have to pay for actual bornes and their insertion into the ground in addition to the bornage- feedback appreciated please.

We have got ourselves a notaire sorted.

We have finally got confirmation from the Maire that we can go ahead and buy the land.

Can't find a web site for geometres with any idea of rates- can anyone help please.

Also can anyone recommend a notaire in our area, we are close to Boussac in the Creuse, other than the one on the main square there. He took over from the original notaire we used for the purchase of our property and the new man was not at all helpful when we approached him to check something.

We can use someone in Gueret if we have to, but perhaps someone knows one closer>


Hi Bob,

Thanks, that's very helpful.

The mairie have confirmed the purchase of the parcelle subject to the agreement of the sectionnaires in our hamlet- I assume that's those whose parcelles directly abut ours, ie our immediate neighbours and the mairie itself, not all the owners of property in the commune!??

I couldn't find a web site with rates=- if you , or anyone else can help with this too, I'd be most grateful.

Hi Danielle

When we purchased our house in the Dordogne, we needed a Geometre (Notaire's insistence) as we were buying several bits of land etc from other parcels, so they all needed redefining and re-numbering. This was about 6 years ago. I remember being impressed with the way they went about their business in ensuring that each parcel was carefully measured and the new boundaries marked. Of course, all of the interested parties were also present so that there could be no mistake as to what we were buying. We got a full report including drawings about 2/3 weeks after the event confirming the new parcels and their boundaries. As for price, I am unable to find the Facture, but remember it not being overly expensive. I think though, that like the Notaire, there is a web site which will show rates. Hope this helps.