Using Orange portable in UK - not receiving SMS

HELP! Over in the UK, Orange mob [iPhone] not fully functional. Can’t access voicemail, send or receive SMS messages to / from France [although seems to work spasmodically messaging UK phones]. Not just a social chat issue, various retail / financial transactions use SMS messaging as part of security process. Spent ages looking round Orange website, but no clue. Any suggestions? Workarounds?

Have you enabled “data roaming”… ??

Has the phone been like this from the moment you reached UK ??

Shouldn’t affect SMS

However search for “allow MMS download when roaming” or similar.

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PS also check your APNs are set correctly.

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Might be obvious but have you tried turning it off and on again? I’ve sometimes found that my phone doesn’t roam properly without doing so.

The other option is to try is to manually choose a different UK network (I’m assuming you mean that your SIM is from Orange France) and see if that helps.

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Thanks, Stella

Is that something I do on the handset or do by logging in to the Orange website?
Sorry to be so ignorant, but I never really got my head inside mobile tech.

You can do it on the handset, go to Settings, then Mobile Data, then make sure the Mobile Data Options have Roaming On:

If it doesn’t, click on Roaming Off and select Data Roaming.

It is worth check if there are any costs for Roaming Abroad with your Tariff- most allow it.

Neither have I :rofl: … but OH fiddles with something when we go abroad and that makes the phone work OK…