Using Revolut App

:+1: Definately linked to Brexit I think but maybe local staff not up to speed. I am going to contact the pension people and see if the third party making their international payments use sepa or can pay in euros, as the extra bank charge says it is for an international payment transfer implying it isn’t a sepa payment from what i can gather.
I am on a steep learning curve here :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the info. Useful to know. I don’t yet get my state pension. I can use my small work pension to have money for UK visits maybe and if the fees are small to transfer money then it is what it is. Certainly better than my current situation.

You are able to use your Revolut card in UK without charges, it is just for bank payments.


I sent £200 to my DIL and the fee was £0.60.
Note also that there is a %age charge for weekend currency transfers with the basic account so conduct any transfers during the week M-F. There is no fee for loading funds on your Revolut a/c at any time.

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