Using UK disabled driver's blue badge at Nice Airport parking?

Has anyone tried using a UK disabled driver’s blue badge at Nice Airport parking? I am going back to the UK from June 15 to 24 for various family events. I have arranged wheel chair assistance with BA due to my limited walking abilities. I can probably manage to walk from P2 to T1.


Not really answering the question but a UK blue card has no status in France so it would be a risk, depending on the penalty.

It is my understanding that some organisations accept it and some don’t, which is why I was asking for actual experience at Nice. Another example of Boris’ lot’s incompetence. We granted French blue card acceptance in UK without negotiating reciprocity. I guess I am going to have to phone Nice parking. From what I read on their site, it would seem that Blue Badge parking fee discounts have to be pre-booked over the phone anyway.

You can alsouse this to reduce risk.

But haven’t you registered as disabled here and got a French one if you live here?

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I already have one of those sheets printed. I am not a French resident, as I only spend about 5 months a year in France with a long stay visitor visa. As such it is my understanding that I cannot get a French handicapped badge.

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No you can’t! It was the way you said going back for x days that made me assume you were resident here…

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