Using Wifi at Bordeaux airport

I’m meeting OH at Bordeaux airport this evening and I’m giving myself plenty of time, which means I may be kicking my heels. So I thought I might want to use my phone while I wait to watch / listen to something. Never done this.
This is what they say:
Bordeaux Airport provides free WiFi throughout its terminals. Thanks to the airport’s WiFi network, you can get online on any device (phones, computers and tablets) as soon as you arrive. Fill in the Bordeaux Airport HotSpot form to enjoy 3 hours of free access .

What does the last sentence mean please? Anyone know what a Bordeaux Airport Hotspot form is?

When you search for a network they will ask for some basic info for their security. That will come up as you select that network from the list of available networks. No biggy.

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As Corona says, their WiFi will show up in the list of detected networks on your phone. If you select to use the Bordeaux Airport network, the next screen you see will be a screen asking you to agree to their Ts&Cs, and probably asking for your email address.


The others have answered your question and I can’t add anything to that, but I will add that guest WiFi networks aren’t always the fastest… Don’t be surprised if it’s too slow to watch things, although hopefully listening to audio should be ok. I’ve not tried it at Bordeaux airport though.

Do you have much data allowance with your mobile phone in case the WiFi is too slow?

Also NB that airport public wifi may have little or no security so don’t do any online banking or anything else that you would not want anyone to know about!! :slight_smile:


That’s rather the point of HTTPS, although someone sniffing (but what’s the point?) could pick up which servers a device contacted - one can add a VPN for belt and braces

My top “free public Wifi” tips are:

  1. Download music/audiobooks/movies beforehand at home.

  2. Don’t use them if you have mobile coverage and are just checking arrivals info.

  3. Don’t use AT ALL for any connection that requires you to login such as banking.


Thanks everyone for your replies. Interestingly, I logged on to BA’s own site while waiting and didn’t have to do anything, I was just on the site. No idea how.

Sorry Gareth, no idea what that means. :roll_eyes:

Haha, don’t worry it sounds like you were sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

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