Using your iPad with Windows 7

I just wanted to know how many on the site use their iPad's with Windows 7, and if they have had any issues with iTunes 10 loading a new OS on the iPad.

I only use Windows 7 as a virtual machine, and have noticed, everytime there is an IOS upgrade, I have major problems, and have to to do a factory restore and then reload all my apps from backup. It's nothing more than tedious, but I would prefer not having to do it.

All my mates with iPads use Mac's and OSX, and don't have this problem, so I just wanted to see if any other people were having the same issues I'm seeing with Windows 7.

Interesting update on this David, one of my friends with OSX had a glitch updating his iPad yesterday, and had to do the same as I have. So perhaps this might be down to an iTunes version issue, rather than anything else.

What would be ideal for me would be iTunes for Linux, but I can’t see Steve Jobs granting my wish anytime soon :wink: I may well just create a dedicated Windows partition to rule out the virtualization being an issue.