Utility bills France against UK

Hi please could some one tell me how electric & water bills compere between the UK & France,

I have 2 adults, 2 kids at home (although big one is adult size and probably used more water and electricity than anyone!). Our electric is €105 / month and our water is €65 / month (was slightly higher but we now have a water collection system for our main toilet). Most (all) of our lights are LED but we have a lot of lights on as our kitchen / living doesn’t have a lot of natural light the the 6 year old hasn’t ever worked out how to turn a light off!

Doubtless, there will be a similar site covering the UK pricing structure…

The biggest difference in electricity IMO is in the UK you pay for how much you use and a service charge. In France you pay more service charge for the potential to use more and the more you may potentially want the higher the service charge.
Per KW is roughly similar after the tax has been added.

Water, depends where you live and if you are on mains drainage. The cost of treating used water varies from 1x, 2x and some places 3x what your water meter says you have used. If you are on septic tank youll probably escape that charge.