V5C Query/Problem Registering UK Car in France


I bought a car in the UK as I used to live in London 6 months ago. Came back to France in Normandy, and decided to register my little Fiat 500 to get French plates.
Got all the paperwork ready, COC etc… Contacted Cartegriseminute.fr and they are telling me that because parts 3/4/5 on my logbook V5C are missing they can’t go any further with my file so they are sending all my paperwork back to me… So I am now stuck.
Just to clarify, Parts 3/4/5 are missing because I needed to send those parts to let DVLA knows that I am exporting my car.
If you have got a solution or advice that would be very helpful!
Thank you


Yes the solution is to contact Someone like Mr Rimmer who knows what he is doing and surely at a less cost than these very commercial entities. One tip i may pass on, DO NOT send anything to DVLA UNTIL you have the french registration.

Too late! She’s already sent stuff off…!

Does the person in question realise until and if she gets the French registration, she is legally not entitled to drive the car on the roads as she has de-registered the vehicle in the UK and not re-registered here in France



get a replacement log book…and send just the bottom bit back for export…did my car recently and went okay

I do realize this…

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Asked DVLA if they could send me a duplicate but they don’t want to. They say they can’t send a logbook outside the uk…

get them to send it to a relly in UK who can forward it on to you :thinking:

The postage stamp costs too much?

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