Good morning all,
I am somewhat mystified and wonder if anybody can shed some light. We have prescriptions for the covid vaccination from the doctor. I have managed to get 2 appointments in Guingamp for the 14th. Paul will be 65 on the day and me a youthful ish 54. Will they vaccinate us ? Despite the age? It’s all as clear as mud to me. So much conflicting information out there.

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I think that they will vaccinate anyone willing to take it as the French are now so sceptical as to pose a real health risk to the rest of us.


There’s a whole new thread already running on this subject here:

If you have a prescription then they will vaccinate you. It is for the GP to determine the need, so if GP says so then all fine.


At least one person thinks the French like to tell pollsters one thing and do another


Never a truer word…

Good news…

" Pfizer , a pharmaceutical giant, began an early-stage clinical trial in America of a pill to treat the disease at the first sign of infection." The Economist.

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Not that easy - I am over 70 with comorbidities and had a prescription from MT 3 weeks ago but no appointments available at any nearby vaccination centre, either by ringing them nor by using Doctolib.

If you are happy with Astra Zeneca see which of the local chemists are doing vaccines if your GP isn’t. Otherwise try this

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Does your MT not vaccinate?
We had our vaccinations done by our MT, who was all set up with a nurse to do the vaccinating whilst he used his computer and generated the paperwork.

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MT doesn’t do it and am on a waiting list at a local pharmacy. I guess it’s just a waiting game.

Thanks for the Covid Tracker link - an excellent source of up-to-date COVID-19 information but when trying to select any of the three suggested vaccination sites with availability in 16, each of the three vaccination site links hang with a page showing ´changement…’. But nothing changes (and I was patient).

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Depending whereabouts you are in 16, Dave, it may be easier to scroll down to the map below the list of suggestions and click on one of the little tags vaguely in your area. What I found was that if I just put in my Departement, I got a limited list, whereas if I click on one of the flags (in my case in an adjacent Departement) it came up with a lot of subsidiary flags, loads of them local to me and with vacancies… worth a try?


Listening to the news tonight it also seems that quite a few departments have set up mobile vaccination centres that are driving around small villages. Like here…

Google vaccibus and your department/town etc

They also announced that from 19th April eligibility will be enlarged to all over 55’s, but can’ find that confirmed by ministry of health.

Over 55s from tomorrow it seems,

Looks like the various websites aren’t set up yet for the new permissible category. Still trying though :smiley:

Some sources say from today, others say next Monday!

And some say Astrozeneca from today and Pfizer from next Monday! Should become clearer during the day I imagine…

I’m working at our local vaccination centre.

If someone under the age of 70 arrives with a doctor’s prescription but without a certificate of eligibility from la Sante, we have to get the on site doctor to verify the prescription and agree to go ahead. It may be treated differently at other centres, and so far we only have the Pfizer vaccine.

But it’s changing all the time as we expand the centre and speed up. My first day there we had 1 person in every 8 minutes, now it’s 4 every 6 minutes.


The variant that seems to be causing the most concern at the moment is the P1 from Brazil, which seems to have migrated to whistler in Canada, despite none of the people taken ill having travelled, although some one must have done.
The Canadian authorities there don’t seem all that on the ball either.