Disappointed in French vaccine progress

It seems that France has only got to 100 vaccines a day…at this rate it will be 2022 at least before I get one. Why so slow?

Only just been approved?

Germany has managed 78K since Sunday.

Exactly…started programme on same day but somehow France hasn’t got going. And there’ a better infrastructure in place than in UK. Odd.

Apparently because France has the lowest % of people who say they would be vaccinated c55% the health minister quote “wants to do it right” so will not rush meanwhile Germany as of today has done 75,000 and uk 800,000.
We will have a third lock down at this rate

They should know their Voltaire, “the best is the enemy of the good”.
I’d prefer not to die waiting for them to “get it right”.


Well no-one has asked me if I want one, the 2 of us could bump that figure up a little bit. Are they asking, and how, via GPs?

My French friend who is over 80 will not have the vaccine.
I hope she does not die.

As I understand it the difference between the French and German vaccine roll-outs has several aspects. Firstly the Germans jumped the EU starting gun (remember those Spanish sunbed jokes?) Secondly the French procedure apparently involves more administrative protocols (now there’s a surprise!). Meanwhile the local populace seems to be simultaneously against the vaccine while complaining that it’s not being rolled-out fast enough.


Our 93 yr old neighbour caught it, and is absolutely fine now. If she is reasonably healthy then over 90% chance of survival I believe among the elderly.

I’m not at all surprised by the French lack of confiance, many of us remember in the 80’S and 90’s of L’affaire du sang contaminé, blood transfusions infecting people with HIV, Hepatitis C and God knows what else… Missus Wozzas, Brother in Law, was one of these poor people.
The blood came from many countries including US prison camps without too much testing or scrutany.
For any interested type, L’affaire du sang contaminé, into google.


Wasn’t’ that worse in Uk than France with more people afflicted? The one that French people seem to mention more is the mad cow debacle…

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My only knowledge on this comes from a France 24 report this morning. The main reason given for France’s slow start was that whereas some other countries had set up special vaccination centres, France has decided to go through it’s existing family doctor network - and doctors were spending up to half an hour talking through individuals’ concerns on safety, etc.
But they believed their approach - given the level of public scepticism - would be more effective in the long term.


It is, however, unlikely to scale well to the millions of vaccinations that need to be given.

If all of the 60,000 or so primary care doctors in France give up their entire time to vaccinate the population you could, I suppose, do 60 million people in a couple of months (60k doctors vaccinating 20 people each per day = 1.2 million/day) but how realistic is that?

I spoke to my GP a few days back and he said he would not be having the jab, a lot of his collègues feel the same apparently.

So why has Boris managed nearly a MILLION vacinations in the UK but France has yet to reach five figures?
And mass vacination is not reported to be underway way until end of Jan’. Welcome to high likelihood of third lock down after Xmas jollies !

Some colleagues have expressed similar feelings - but all under 40, and with no long term medical conditions.

As an unfit, overweight, too close to 60 year old I leapt at the chance.

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I will be having it as soon as it becomes available to me.

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Slow and low take up seems to me to be a recipie for more lockdowns :frowning: :frowning_face:

I don’t know anybody (family, friends, work (all french)) who wants to be vaccinated. We couldn’t give a monkeys if things are starting slowly, on the contrary :wink: